10 October 2013
Director General of CMSA Wang Zhaoyao held talks with Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General of ESA and Sergei Saveliev, Deputy Director of Roscosmos on the prospectives of cooperation in the area of manned space flight. He said: “There’s no end to human exploration of outer space. We will undertake the mission endowed by history to head for deeper space. Our society needs to be inclusive, cooperative and innovative. As international cooperation is the inevitable course in human space development, all sides should enhance collaboration to create the new era of human space exploration. Human space development should focus more on efficiency to ensure that outer space exploration will truly benefit mankind.” The talk was concluded by signing of meeting minutes.
The 64th IAC in Beijing was used by China's space officials to talk to delegations from Germany, Italy, and Canada to look into options for future cooperation on space project.