Russia and China aiming for unified space technologies on Moon mission ?

25 May 2015
Russia and China have joint efforts in working on a set of unified standards for space technologies which could also be useful for future manned Moon missions a unnamed space industry source told Russian news agency TASS.
A report on the TASS website reads: "The sides have agreed to begin cooperation beyond low-Earth orbits, including manned lunar programmes. The mode of such cooperation and its guidelines are still to be negotiated," the source said.

Hong Kong school students develop experiments for Tiangong 2

25 May 2015
On 23 May award presentation ceremony took place in Hong Kong for secondary school students who had participated in the first ever “Spaces Science Experiment Design Competition for Hong Kong Secondary School Students” jointly organised by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and China Manned Space Agency.
A total of 70 entries were received from 286 Hong Kong students in 47 secondary schools. The Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College was selected for the champion award for its experiment proposal: Versatile polymer producing perforated film under microgravity.  
One or more winning designs will have the opportunity to fly onboard the Tiangong 2 space station. Winning school teams will also be invited for a visit to Beijing Aerospace City or the spacecraft launch centre to interact with aerospace engineers in person.

China opposes arms race in outer space

26 May 2015
China voiced opposition against weaponization of and arms race in outer space in its latest military White Paper. Outer space is highlighted as one of China's four "critical security domains", other than the ocean, cyberspace and nuclear force, by the report titled "China's Military Strategy", published by the State Council Information Office. Countries concerned are developing their space forces and instruments, and the first signs of weaponization of outer space have appeared, the report warns.

Full text of "China's Military Strategy"

6th China Satellite Navigation Conference has taken place in Xi'an

18 May 2015
The 2015 China Satellite Navigation Conference and technology and applications exhibition took place 13-15 May at the Xi’an Qujiang International Conference Center.
3000 participants came together to discuss a wide range of topics under the motto "Opening-up Connectivity Win-win".

conference website

China rankes 4th among world space powers

22 May 2015
China's space capabilities are ranked the fourth in the world, and the gap between the leading powers is narrowing, according to a report issued recently by a Chinese research organisation.
China is at a crucial period developing from a major power to a great power in space, says an evaluation by the Beijing Institute of Space Science and Technology Information, affiliated to the China Academy of Space Technology.

China and India: agreement on "Space cooperation outline"

15 May 2015
During its visit to China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi anc Xi Jinping have signed an agreement, called "Space Cooperation Outline 2015-2020".
Although, details are not reported yet, the cooperation includes remote sensing missions, space based meteorology, lunar and deep space exploration, piggy back launching, satellite navigation, education and training.