10 April 2017
Chinese space tracking ship Yuanwang 7 started its maritime space monitoring and communication mission for Tianzhou-1, China's first cargo spacecraft, on 10 April in the morning.
Yuanwang 7 is sailing into the Pacific Ocean, the first time for the ship to carry out a journey independently. During its maiden voyage in July 2016, the ship was accompanied by Yuanwang-6.

07 April 2017
Astronauts of the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft were honored on March 31 for being 2016's top influencers. The award is given by Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV to those who have greatly influenced people in the country and beyond. They were hailed as the best presentation of the Chinese spirit by the public who selected them for the award.
In its 11th year, the award ceremony is held annually to honor more than 100 celebrities and leading figures from all walks of life for their contribution to society. This year, a total of 11 people and groups won the award from the fields of sports, science, literature, architect, movies and public affairs.

05 April 2017
The Secretary-General of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), Yulong Tian, spoke at the 33rd Space Symposium currently taking place in Colorada Springs, U.S. He summarised China's ongoing and planned civil space activities for the audience of the international conference. SpaceNews reported about the presention by Yulong Tian.

Summary of the Heads of Agency panel discussion during the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorada Springs, U.S. on SpaceNews website

06 April 2017
China is contemplating developing cooperation with Russia with respect to space debris, China’s National Space Administration Secretary-General Yulong Tian told Russian news agency Sputnik during the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorada Springs, U.S. "We have established a China-Russia joint committee that is under the Prime Minister. Our future cooperation will be focusing on the launch vehicle, joint development and exploration projects," Tian explained.

04 April 2017
German Aerospace Center (DLR) Chairman Pascale Ehrenfreund calls for international cooperation, including China. On the sidelines of the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, U.S., she spoke to the news agency Sputnik International: "Internationally, we are trying to achieve a vision for international space exploration," Ehrenfreund stated. "The major space powers like Russia, Japan, the US, Europe, China, India, we all have to work together in order to find a way how we go forward in international space exploration, what happens after the space stations, do we continue human exploration, do we go to the Moon, to the Mars."