11 June 2012
With the effort of the whole Go-Taikonauts! team, we are almost convinced that the Shenzhou 9 crew will consist of the following composition:

Prime crew: Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang, Liu Yang
Back-up crew: Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang, Wang Yaping

British space analyst, Tony Quine, who led the search for the female taikonaut over the last six years, points out that there is still conflicting information and the primary and back-up assigments are still to be confirmed.

No matter who will finally fly, we are wishing the crew a highly successful mission and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the back-up mission to fly into space soon!

We also would like to express our wish, that starting with this mission, China might enlarge its female corps of taikonauts to achieve a world first, which was never established by Russia nor the United States: to send an all-female crew into space to prove that women are as professional as men in the successful exploration of space.