19 January 2021
CNSA has published a list of 10 preselected names, the outcome of a global naming campaign that run from 24 July to 16 August 2020. In October, a panel of 32 experts selected 10 semi-finalists after evaluating 39,808 submissions from 38 countries and regions. The participants ranged from 7 to 95 years old. The proposals reach from "Hongyi," which means having a broad and strong mind in Chinese, to "Qilin," a legendary animal, and to "Nezha," a beloved Chinese mythological figure.
Netizens at home and abroad can now take part in the poll running from 20 January (12:00 h) to 28 February (midnight) to help decide the name of the Mars rover. CNSA will pick the three most popular names based on public voting and the opinions of an evaluation committee. The final name will be announced when Tianwen-1 lands on Mars.