05 November 2014
An earlier assumption on the European part of the GoTaikonauts! team that the latest Chinese lunar mission, Chang’e 5 T1, was the renamed Chang'e 4 mission was incorrect. Chang'e 4 is the back-up craft of Chang'e 3 and therefore features an identical design as Chang'e 3. What we have seen with Chang’e 5 T1 is something very different, as the Chinese part of the GoTaikonauts! team has been pointing out. The Chang'e 4 spacecraft is still sitting in a clean room and is waiting for a decision for its destination. Possible options are a repetition of the Chang'e 3 mission but it may also turn out that China will surprise the world again, like it happened occasionally before ...

More on this topic in the next issue of the GoTaikonauts! newsletter to be published end of November/beginning of December.

For further clarification, see also the explanatory infographics provided at Space.com