06 September 2017
“Contacts in the Asia-Pacific Region are growing at a very fast pace. The region is continuously playing a more important role. Major plans are in store for the development of the Vostochny spaceport and the region overall,” said Igor Komarov, Chief Executive Officer of Roscosmos.
“We are cooperating very closely with China in three main areas. One of them is related to rocket engines and carrier vehicles. The second one comprises everything pertaining to the orbital segment. The third area, monitoring outer space from the position of its man-made contamination, has been put together this year. Space is an environment not only for spacecraft but for human beings also. The question arises regarding hazards posed by space debris. This is a very crucial challenge. About 18,000 space objects are in outer space and just 7% of them are functioning. The other ones are space garbage weighing nearly 6,000 tonnes. This problem has to be resolved. This is a common problem,” noted Yuriy Makarov, Director, Joint Department for Strategic Planning and State Space Programs, State Space Corporation Roscosmos.